Fun Things to Do Along Murray River

Fun Things to Do Along Murray River

October 16, 2020 0 By Angela Weiss

Murray River is one of the most popular destinations in southeast Australia. It is a long river that passes through Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Because of its location, there are plenty of fun things people of all ages can do along the Murray River – from camping, cruising, golfing, paddling, and a lot more you could imagine. Whether you’re going with your family, friends, or a special someone, Murray River is definitely a great destination to visit. Here are some of the fun activities you could enjoy along this scenic river.


Fishing is one of the most common activities that come to mind when thinking about rivers. The Murray River is home to bountiful species of fish such as Catfish, Cod, and Redfin. Aside from those regulars, there are also plenty of species that are not that much known in the region such as Trout, Blackfish, Hairback Herring, Gudgeon, and many more. Whether you’re fishing alone or with your family or friends, the Murray River is definitely an interesting spot to try on.


It may not be that apparent but golfing is also one of the popular things to do along Murray River. It has wide open spaces along it, making it a perfect spot for playing golf. You can choose from a lot of golf clubs along the river, some even offering golf packages Victoria to make your stay more worth it. Enjoy a stunning view while playing your favourite sport along this river.

Kayaking and Canoeing

If you’re looking for a relaxing adventure, kayaking and canoeing in the Murray River is one of the best things you could experience. It’s not the rapids, just like what most people imagine with these two activities. The Murray River offers a calm and peaceful experience, perfect for those who want to relax and unwind while smoothly gliding along the lagoons, creeks and backwaters. Aside from the scenic view, there’s so much to explore such as the diverse life forms that live along the riverbanks.

Food and Wine Trip

The Murray River is known to be the food bowl of Australia because of its abundance in fresh produce that is grown and shipped all throughout the globe. This area is one of Australia’s main production regions – you can definitely find all fresh ingredients here such as fruits, vegetables, and many more. You can be sure that you’re enjoying good and fresh food along the river food stalls. Aside from that, you can also try out world-class wine in this region because of the beautiful vineyards that are located along the river.

River Cruise

Cruising the Murray River is one of the best experiences you can have. Enjoy stunning and scenic views as you cruise this peaceful river together with your family or a special someone. If you’re looking for an activity that helps you reconnect with family, friends, and even yourself from within, cruising the Murray River is such a perfect activity to do.

There are still plenty of fun activities to explore along Murray River. Add it to your go-to list now and experience this beautiful place.