Criteria for Infant Car Seats: A Quick Look

Criteria for Infant Car Seats: A Quick Look

August 6, 2020 0 By Angela Weiss

Are you on the lookout for a car seat for your little one? Here are the top factors that you would have on your checklist.  


Age is one of the foremost factors you would be considering when you want to decide how suitable a car seat is. If yours is a newborn for instance, getting a car seat that she’s going to be way too small for wouldn’t make any sense because you’re not going to be able to use it until she’s grown into it. This would be inconvenient and a waste of money, too. Thus, make sure you get a seat that you can start using instantly, and also use for a while.


The size factor is somewhat connected to the age of your baby. You need to get the right sized car seat depending on the age if your baby. However, the size of your car seat is connected to the size of your vehicle too. You’d need to make sure that the size you pick is ideal for placing in your car. You wouldn’t want to opt for large and bulky ones if you drive a relatively small car. Just make sure you pick a size that’s good for both the baby and your car.


Colours do matter! Baby Car seats are usually available in a range of colours. If you take a look at the collections at some of the great stores, you’d find a range of interesting colours that are even typically meant for each gender. Apart from shades of pink and blue, there are also neutral colours like grey and black which you choose from. Colours are always connected to your personal preferences, and no matter what you are, there’s always stuff in the market!

Type & Style

You probably have already noticed that car seats come in different styles and types. If you really want a thorough insight on them, you’d need to do a bit of research or speak to the specialists at the store before you can decide on what’s best for your baby. Some car seats are multi-purpose. There are also those that are designed as rear-facing seats, or front, or both. Make sure you find out more about the types and styles before you make a final choice.


There are two things you would ideally think about when it comes to the weight factor. Firstly, you need to look at the weight capacity of your car seat, which again, is somewhat linked to the age of babies. Never put a baby whose weight is more than what the car seat can hold.

The second thing that may concern you is the weight of the car seat. This becomes a concern when it comes to multipurpose car seats that can be used as a carrier, too. In this case, you would obviously choose a lightweight one that’s easy to carry around.


Last, but never the least, is the quality factor. All types of baby gear can cost you a bit of money. You need to make sure that the stuff you get is worth the money, especially in terms of quality and durability. Keep in mind that high quality baby items never fail to ensure safety and comfort in every way.