Mistakes To Avoid At A Shooting Range

Mistakes To Avoid At A Shooting Range

September 29, 2019 0 By Angela Weiss

Shooting is a fun past time as it is thrilling and adventurous. However, handing over a gun to an irresponsible and untrained person can turn into a disaster in seconds. There are some strict rules to be followed at every shooting range and proper demeanor is required to ensure the safety of all. So here are some mistakes to avoid at any shooting range.

Not Following The Rules

At every shooting range, there will be a set of rules displayed for everyone to obey. These rules are there for a reason and disregarding them can be extremely dangerous for you and anyone around you. Shooting ranges give clear instructions as to how to behave, how to load the gun, how to hold the gun when firing and not etc. It is advised to treat the gun as if it is loaded at all times. When not pointing at a target, hold the gun face down and keep your finger off the trigger. Stay behind your firing line at all times as these markings are done for a reason.

Wear Safety Gear

Many young shooters disregard the safety gear provided and act stubborn and disrespectful and also extremely negligent. Ensure the necessary safety gear is worn. In an enclosed range, the sound of the gunshot can be extremely loud due to the echo and this will cause the sound to be multiplied than usual. If no safety earplugs are worn, the sound can cause deafness. Also, protective eyewear is compulsory. Accidents could happen and something could easily hit your eye.  So make sure you wear your shooting glasses Australia to ensure the fullest safety.

Avoid Talking To Fellow Shooters While Shooting

You are not there to chat and gossip about politics, work or movies. People are there for a reason and that is practice their gunmanship. Disturbances and distractions can easily lead to missed gunfire which can turn into something dangerous very fast. If you do need to talk, wait till the training is over and the guns are safely handed over to the instructors. Also, if you are too chatty, you might irritate fellow shooters and the situation might get a bit tense. To avoid any encounters, serve the purpose that you went there for and get back, no problems caused.

Stop Firing At Cease-Fire Call

The instructors will cease-fire for a good enough reason so it means you have to stop. There could be an injury or any reason, the instructors have full authority to cease fire when necessary and failure to obey their commands will get you permanently banned from the range or worse, you could be arrested for negligent and reckless firing. Always pay attention to your surroundings. Ensure that your safety and also all others’ safety is secure. Remember that the instructor has authority and you can only fire or stop as per his command. If you give your fullest cooperation, it will be easier for you and the shooting range staff both.